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Ecologically Sustainable Development (E.S.D.)

seeks to achieve the human needs outcomes secured by physical development including buildings, while at the same time respecting the planet's needs to minimise demand on non-renewable resources, waste outputs and damage.

The practice of Emilis Prelgauskas architect has adopted the following aspects in particular as reflecting
Ecologically Sustainable Development
in the projects this practice develops:

  • a range of benign technologies integrated into projects
  • some of the traditional 'passive solar' design principles included by design
  • a range of climate responsive building design principles unique to this practice
These are described in the files linked in the frame at left.

Between 1996 and 2002 this page contained a link to the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

In April 2002 this link was removed at the request of the Manager, Environment Design Guide,
Royal Australian Institute of Architects in Melbourne.

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