Published articles from Emilis Prelgauskas architect


title publication & abstract
1. Solar house - Monarto Building & Architecture Jan/Feb 1987 Ps 12-13 synopsis of design and construction criteria for the architect's systems and energy self sufficient home and office at Monarto, South Australia
2. Built Form for Well-being - not just Comfort  Artlink Dec 1992 Ps 29-31 colour pictorial and architect's response as occupant to the Monarto house
3. Design 'n Weather Chain Reaction #66 April 1992 Friends of the Earrth magazine Ps 20-21 synopsis of climate responsive design principles generally
4. electronic features 1 hour radio program on ABC Radio National 'Practicalities' program short news editorial items on Channels 7 & 10 on Monarto solar house. 
5. Getting Active about Passive Solar Home Power (USA)#40 April/May1994 Ps24-27 colour pictorial and full diagram and text description of climate responsive design principles with their application as used in the Monarto house; published in the USA 
6. The Attitude Factor in Installation of Renewable Energy Systems - a personal encounter Solar Progress March 1994 Ps 14-16 architect's experience with matching renewable energy supply systems to low energy demand building designs and evolving user expectations, with list of the architect's projects to that time
7. Building my own self sufficient house Earth Garden #80 June/Aug 1992 Ps50-51 architect's design and construction experience with the Monarto house
8. Warm air rises Earth Garden #92 June/Aug 1995 P43 climate responsive principles applied to owner build housing as retrofit items
9. Energy efficient housing Earth Garden #94 Dec/Feb 1996 Ps 46-47 
parts of a continuing series on attention to detail design inherent in maximising the effectiveness of climate responsive design principles 
10. The Water Cycle Environment SA Jan/Mr 1995 P27 outline of low environmental impact water collection and waste treatment and re-use systems applicable in residential projects 
11. The cancer of Adelaide's expansion  Environment SA July/Sep 1995 Ps8-9,18 review of environmental implications of conventional suburban development and critique of industry prototypes claiming environmental best practice
12. Environmentally benign buildings Building Innovation June 1995 P33 synopsis of climate responsive design principles 
13. Emilis Prelgauskas Architect SA May 1995 P17 synopsis of architect's practice with pictorial of D'Estrees Bay, Wistow & Inman Valley projects 
14. Bower - Redcone  Architect SA May 1998 P12 
15. Another scheme for Monarto  Environment SA May 1998 1995 Ps 34-35 critique of government creation of a commercial zone in the broad rural locale with its established environmental operators. 
16. Bower - Redcone  Architecture Australia Nov 1998 Ps 24 
17. Solar air conditioning  ReNew Jan 1998 Ps 30-32 
18. Redcone  Metal Building News Jan 1999 Ps 13-15 
19. Boxes of Ticky Tacky  Architect SA spring 1999 P26-27 
20. Banrock Station  'bias' - SA Building Surveyors June 1999 Ps14-18 
21. Warm House:Cool House  ed. N.Hollo Australian Consumers Association Oct 1995 ps 56, 150, 157-158 This general interest book on energy efficient housing includes this architect as the only South Australian architect and his houses at Murray Bridge, Silver Sands and D'Estrees Bay included amongst about 110 examples of energy efficient dwellings around Australia 
22. The Earth Garden Book of Alternative Energy ed. Alan T Gray ps31-34 Emilis' own solar system. 
23. Sustainable House Michael Mobbs Australian Consumers Association 1998 ps 91, 99-100, 102, 165 Description of the Chippendale town house renovated to ESD technologies, includes thoughts from emails between the Owners and Emilis, based on some of Emilis' completed work. 
24. Enhanced Natural Ventilation in Hot Arid Lands Design Note 20 'Environment Design Guide' Royal Australian Institute of Architects describes climate response and 6 building design elements through which comfort conditioning is achieved. 
25. Monarto Community Plan  Monarto Residents Association Inc June 2000   ecological development principles applied to the Monarto locality of South Australia
26. Sustainable house design ideas ReNew June 2000 Ps 16-17 
27. ESD - diverse emphasis  Architect SA summer 2000 P26-27 
28. Greenhouses  Hydroponics & Greenhouses March 2000 P26-27  climate response use of greenhouses for building comfort conditioning
29. Bower - Redcone  Abode - Archicentre magazine December 2000 
30. Weatherisation  Architect SA spring 2001 P26-27 
31. Davelea  Abode - Archicentre magazine July 2001 
32. conference papers  Arid Lands Housing - National Housing Conference November 2001 RAIA 

Energy Efficiency - state building surveyor conference March 2002 

33. Low rainfall revegetation ''Releaf' summer 2002 Trees for Life newsletter describing revegetation of the Monarto property
34. The 'Davelea' house ''Green House Plans" Earth Garden Books Description of the Kuitpo house features, and a number of other projects from this practice
35. design for energy efficiency June 2004 Master Builders Association – Award Winning Homes magazine
36. energy efficiency 2005 ‘Place’, South Australian architectural magazine issues in May, July, August, December
37. recent sustainable developments December 2005 ‘Artlink’ – co-authored with Paul F. Downton
38. Teasdale house, Kangaroo Island March 2006 ‘SA Life’ magazine


Self published:

Climate responsive principles  information leaflets published with the assistance of the S.A. Energy Forum an A4 leaflet series outlining arid climate, air pressure variation, thermal, wind and moisture induced ventilation of buildings minimising energy use 
Maintenance of solar systems  booklet published with the assistance of the Department of Primary Industries & Energy 12 page A5 booklet noting the range of issues in maintenance of solar hot water and electrical systems 
Home Operations Manual booklet published for occupiers of projects from the architectural practice of Emilis Prelgauskas 16 page A5 booklet covering operation of climate responsive, self sufficient electrical and waste systems 
Halifax Hypotheticals book published for Urban Ecology Australia Inc. 60 page A4 book of faction short stories based on both current technologies being designed into the planned Halifax EcoCity inner city Project and experience in occupation of detached residential projects already using these technologies
Monarto Community Plan book published for Monarto Residents Association Inc. 70 page A4 report of strategic forward planning based on ecological development principles to address the emergent conflict issues in land use change in this urban fringe locality
‘performance outcomes – free running buildings achieving energy efficiency’ A4 leaf folder of operating projects post occupancy measured in partnership with clients.

This architect also assembles occasional newsletters and information packs with a mix of principles and completed practicalities information including photographs of projects and texts contained in this web site and the published sources above.

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