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Green House

The Cross ventilation page describes the actions of external temperature variations assisting venting of air across buildings.
The Green House creates an internal heated space which extracts warm air to encourage cross ventilation. Completed projects utilising this approach include:

The greenhouse is conventionally used to create temperatures suiting plant propagation year round irrespective of external conditions. This may result in conditions outside the human comfort range inside the greenhouse where tropical vegetation is propagated.

Greenhouse can have extended actions as a non-habitable space to also exentuate cross ventilation by encouraging warm air to vent out of the greenhouse, with replacement air to flow from the abutting building to encourage ventilation there.

As this action may be needed for only part of the year, with the greenhouse used for humid vegetation propagation at other times, defined openings with sealing closure may be needed between the greenhouse and to the building.

This approach was used in the Bower and Wistow projects by this practice with doors with seals joining the greenhouse as a distinct enclosed space to a corridor or connection to the living room of the building.

In contrast, the Finnis project has the greenhouse integral and open to the living space in the open plan building. Because the bathroom is part of the open greenhouse, the vegetation is primarily screening and decorative. Some venting capability was designed in nevertheless with separate clerestoreys to living room and upper end of the greenhouse.

The Myrtle Bank project has a greenhouse as the link between existing building and the additions. The link is intended for transition only in summer and vents air drawn through the building; while in winter the space is intended as a sun room, transmitting warmth into the existing building.

The Inman Valley project has a sunroom integral to the living space but with pergola shading summer direct sun from that area.

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