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The original building envisaged normal 1980s (pre Internet) electrical needs. It did however anticipate emergent DC powered devices beyond traditional 240V AC.
Because of its integral on-building renewable power supply. In the following decades numerous further technologies have arrived, some are incorporated in this building, others are trailed with established clients in their buildings.

At Monarto a collaboration with Agile Communications has resulted in broadband connection via a radio link, as the roadside copper is insufficient in capacity and is unlikely to ever be upgraded in this low resident density location.
The radio link at 1.5Mb/sec serves the Monarto South community from the 25 metre community tower at Camelhill, about 3km east of the architect’s house. The Monarto house is the trial site for the system.

The on-house system is a vertically polarised aerial line-of-sight to the community tower, powered via the data cable from inside the house.

A router not only connects the link to main computer, but is the LAN hub via its own aerial to in-house computers like the Powerbook.