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article Energy Aspect Living won this award for a Renewed Living project at Hawthorn. The renovation/extension was architecturally designed by Emilis Prelgauskas and saw a 1920's brick bungalow transformed into a home that not only provides extra space for the growing family, but a space that also takes advantage of the north orientation to provide year round comfortable living.

A passage way joins the new extension and the existing home, with feature windows incorporated to entice light into the original hallway. By renovating and incorporating the existing home into the new home design, cost savings and waste minimisation were realised, and the 1920's heritage and street appeal of the home maintained.

Materials salvaged from demolition were reused on site; original red bricks reused to renovate the home and incorporated into landscaping of the property. Waste during the build was minimised and recycled.

Features such as an earth tube to the pantry provide the owners with cost effective means of storing food throughout the year, minimising the use of the fridge.

When visiting the home you can feel the temperature difference between inside and out. High level windows and ceiling fans enable cooling of the home in summer. Glazing in the living areas enable passive heating in winter. These same window features also make the most of bringing the outdoors in, and provide lovely garden views from every aspect of the new living area.

Energy Aspect Living completed all building work, whilst the owners continued to live on site. Communication throughout the build was vital for this success.

Using quality materials and workmanship, Energy Aspect Living completed the build with attention to detail.

The owners are very pleased with the final result having lived in the home over a season and realising what year round comfortable living (the passive way) really means. Project photos

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