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Emilis on gliding

Emilis began flying sailplanes in 1968.

Over the decades since, he has had an involvement 
in most aspects of the sport, notably:

1975	founded the Adelaide University Gliding Club Inc.
1977	founded gliding site at Lochiel, SA
1979	founded Adelaide Hills Soaring Group Inc.
1979	founded gliding site at Sanderston, SA
1981	founded gliding site at Goolwa, SA
1983	founded gliding site at Monarto South. SA
which he owns to this time
1977 onward developed the Ferries-McDonald Technical
Library on sport aviation and gliding in particular, with 
building facilities at Monarto South.
1995	founded gliding site at O'Halloran Hill, SA
2001 developed the gliding museum at Monarto
in collaboration with the SA Gliding History Trust

He has owned a number of sailplanes, including:
VH-GLZ		ES-52b Kookaburra
VH-GTI		ES-60 Boomerang
VH-GIK		L-13 Blanik
VH-IKW		Twin Astir

currently he owns
VH-GYD		L-13 Blanik
and has shares in
VH-GHN		ES-52 Kookaburra
VH-GTJ		ES-60b Super Arrow

his studies in the sport include:-
1971		undergraduate thesis on gliding site facilities
1978		postgraduate thesis on gliding FBOs distribution
1979		published gliding customer analysis
throughout	the years :commentary of club growth and features 
		published in Australia and overseas gliding magazines
1997		The GFA Development Guide

positions held include:-
since 1974	flight instructor and CFI in several clubs
		and on instructor training courses
sine 1974	airframe engineer and instructor on
		engineer cources, and personal rebuild on a
		number of damaged airframes.
since 1979	administrative and promotion positions both
		at club level and state association
		1995-6 SAGA President
		1997- SAGA Secretary

1987		awarded national 'Muller' award for gliding promotions
1996		awarded national 'Hoinville' award for 
		contribution to gliding over the years	
		numerous day wins in contest flying,
		some regional and state contest wins in NSW, 
		Victoria and South Australia.

total flying time	about 4500 hours
FAI proficiency badges	Gold C + 2 Diamonds

To find out more about gliding in Australia Goto Australian Soaring Web Site

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