Emilis Prelgauskas - interests Emilis Prelgauskas' interest in energy efficiency goes beyond the passive performance of buildings, and the performance of renewable and biological systems as described in this web site.

His energy efficiency interests spill over also into both Personal Transport -

[ In July 2002 this practice received its first hybrid electric car. - The Prius ]

and Recreation where his aviation interest includes preparation and flying high performance sailplanes.

Emergent Systems -


Their performance is achieved by attention to the detail.

Shown is Emilis' 'IS32' 21 metre span sailplane. Originally built in Romania by Brasov as a metal airframe, it has been 'tweaked' locally with carbon fibre winglets shown to optimise its in-flight performance.

IS32 with winglets


wave cloud over monarto
  Photograph from Bureau of Meteorology of standing wave weather phenomenon over Monarto in north-west wind.