'Westcott House'

Cherry Gardens Rd, Cherry Gardens
3 story steel-framed aerated concrete walls,
on steep west-facing slope
advanced construction 2008


Emilis Prelgauskas - design elements embodies climate responsive design, solar hws, rain water, clerestory, ventilated pantry, underfloor rainwater bladders


A new house is being erected by the 2 generation Westcott family at Cherry Gardens. The land is steep west facing. The goals are for the home to be sustainable and permit the householders to be custodians of the land.

The project draws on the 10 year earlier ‘Kuitpo’ house. This new house too has a steel frame, aerated concrete infill, multi-levels to seat with a small footprint on the sloping land.

Beyond this the Westcott house looks to the current generation of sustainable initiatives. The land slope enables portion of the main floor to be slightly raised. This forms the siting for bladder style underfloor rainwater storage. This integrates with on-ground tank storages around the building, and informed the roof planes and their water discharge points.

The lower floor accommodates one generation, and links direct to outside sun & shade sides at their ground level, and internally up to the main floor and loft, where the stairwell forms the subsidence tower ductvoid. The main floor connects to ground east to service yard, north-east front door, and north and north-west to balconies and future deck.
The loft overviews the main interior and has east deck area.

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