Location:	D'Estrees Bay   
		Kangaroo Island
Completed:	Oct.1990
Architect:	E. Prelgauskas
Builder:	owner built
Owner:		Martin & Gisela Robinson
Size:		100 sq. metres
Climate:	Dry, warm temperate


The goal was to secure a self sufficient building constructed with minimum impact within the existing original undisturbed coastal mallee; to be comfortable for occupation year round.


The 80 ha land area is situated within an original coastal mallee area facing the coast, serviced by a private beachfront track off the main road 2km away.
The general rising landform away from the coast includes a steeper local slope into which the building is built.
The vegetation is generally less than 4m high, the building envelope was to remian within that canopy line.


The structural frame was prefabricated off site in unit sizes suitable for hand delivery through the vegetation to the site.
Walling includes stone released by the excavation into the slope; the western building face is earth berme for bushfire resistance.
The rest of the walling is externally steel clad, insulated,
internally plasterboard linings.
The building features a south facing clerestorey to kitchen, laundry and bathroom. The north roof slope accommodates solar hot water and photovoltaics.
The bathroom forms a bushfire resistant retreat with stone walls, smoke seals, fire shutters and internal hose reel.


Rain water is roof collected to gravity sump, pumped to head tanks and reticulated.
Solar hot water system tank seats on the internal stone wall with wood stove wet back boost.
Space heating and cooking is by wood stove.
Solar photovoltaics power regulator and batteries to inverter in laundry to 240V AC reticulation.
Waste is fed to septic tank; with a compost toilet buiIt on-site away from the house.


The building has been in use as a residenee since construction and is also in use for a cottage industry in nature based cosmetics manufacture.
Comfort is achieved by occupant manipulation of openings and systems. End of section