"Kidalong 3"

Location:   Murray Bridge   S.A.
Completed:  March 1989
Architect:  E.Prelgauskas
Builder:    owner built
Owner:      David & Margaret Adams
Size:       250 sq. metres 
            incl. garage/workshop
Climate:    dry,warm, temperate


The owners sought a straight-forward layout and conventional farmhouse appearance achieving comfort with low services demand. The house to have an integrated double garage and workshop/salesroom for angora wool products as part of the development.


The 1 ha site is on a north facing slope within a subdivision on the edge of the town. The land was grazing land, with good solar access and river and town views.
The site has a backdrop of mature pines on the high ground south of the land, prominent when viewed from the South Eastern Freeway and other roads of the town.


Conventional masonry veneer wall construction using light coloured concrete masonry, deep verandas and double glazed windows for comfort control. The dark roof used to blend with the pinestand background has increased the heat load on the building.
The design includes a clerestorey to the living room and central corridor, and a skylight built into the north facing veranda portico to maximise daylight to the kitchen bay window.
Living areas have raked ceilings.


Rain water is roof collected and delivered by wet stormwater/sump/syphon pipe and stored in underground tanks for reticulation to the house.
Mains water and electricity are connected.
Space heating is by gas heaters in living and family rooms.
Ceiling fans in living room circulate air and minimise heating and cooling rates needed.


Comfort is achieved by the passive performance of the building, with the owners noting summer heat ingress attributed to the roof deck colour.