Silver Sands additions

Location:	Silver Sands   S.A.
Date Completed:	July 1992
Architect:	E. Prelgauskas
Bullder:   	owner built
Owner:		Jan & David Munzberg
Size:		90 sq. metre addition
Climate:	Dry, warm temperate


The addition was to convert an existing log cabin home to a full size comfortable family home achieving comfort with low demand on services.
On-site water self sufficiency was one of the project goals.


The 0.1 ha land area is in the subdivision of Silver Sands facing the Aldinga Scrub public land. The land is sandy, sloping down from the road frontage to a hollow with perimeter mallee vegetation. The existing log cabin was oriented east-west, with poor solar access and high afternoon heat load.
The log cabin had already been renovated with north solar gain glazing and insulation to walls and roof.


The result is the creation of a central solar courtyard east of the original log cabin and between the additions in the process supporting the comfort of the whole building.
The rammed earth of the main addition incorporates soil released by the split level addition construction on-site, and provides thermal stability to the spaces.
Cathedral ceilings create indoor air volumes with east and west high lights which include leadlight.
North full height glazing is shaded by deep eaves.
The sun room incorporates sloped roof to minimise obstruction to winter sun access to the courtyard, and to assist venting internally with north facing openable clerestorey.


Rain water is roof collected to sunk tank and pumped to storage for reticulation to the house.
Solar hot water is roof mounted with roof space adjacent available for future photovoltaics.
Lighting is low wattage suitable for future operation by PV. An integrated sound system is included.
Space heating is by wood stove in family and living spaces.


The building has been occupied before, during and since the works were carried out. Comfort is achieved by occupants manipulating the openings and systems.
The occupants report a measurable improvement in consistent comfort and reduction in services tariffs since the works were carrķed out.