Grundy house

Highland Road, Bremer Escarpment, near Callington
framed weatherboard lined house
completed 2000
hybrid PV & wind turbine


Emilis Prelgauskas - design elements embodies climate responsive design, solar hws, photovoltaics, wind turbine, rain water, wood lot and wood space heat, full self sufficiency, clerestory, ventilated pantry


In 2000 Hugh & Wendy Grundy had their house built on the top of the Bremer Escarpment near Callington.
The land is characterised by the shale soil on the hill top with its west facing slope, the slope of the escarpment ravines, and stunted revegetation from the direct drilling seeding of the Monarto Development Commission era.
This land was to be in the new town's western boundary.

It reverted to farm and rural living after the demise of the abandoned planning exercise.

The land has extensive views 180 degrees westward including southward down the Bremer Valley over Callington township toward the sea.

The site therefore gets the regular afternoon sea breeze 'doctor' winds common to such locations.

The house was designed to be both:-

  • a conventional house capable of standard trades construction
  • suit having the sustainable systems installed.

The house has standard timber framed structure, concrete floor, weatherboard wall and steel roof claddings.

Non-standard are the insulations to walls, roof and ceilings, the raked living area ceilings and clerestory roof form.
The basic house is intended to be fitted later with south and west pergolas.

The house also embodies ventilated pantry, and gas points in each room for mobile flueless gas heaters for convenience quick local winter warming.

Hugh is the SA convenor for the Alternative Technology Association.
He likes the monitoring and tweaking their home allows.

The systems fitted include:-

  • a gas boost solar hot water system
  • wood heater and ceiling fans in the living area
  • rainwater tank, pump, solenoid and controls for potable water
  • waste water in ground disposal system
  • hybrid power system of roof mounted photovoltaics, small wind turbine on the open western land slope, and batteries and control gear in the main shed.

This house is a good example of a conventional building with the application of the principles and systems in a mainstreamed form which are developed at the cutting edge in the early projects from this practice.