Woodrye House

Willow Flat Rd, Sevenhill, Clare Valley
Log cabin and stone infill house
completed 2000
PV power system


Emilis Prelgauskas - design elements embodies, solar hws, photovoltaics, rain water, wood lot and wood space heat, full self sufficiency


Alan Rye & Sydney Wood settled on their land at Sevenhill in the Clare valley of South Australia to live sustainably and pursue their professional and private interests.
Sydney teaches sustainable systems at the University of South Australia. She is particularly interested in 'the water cycle' from capture to waste re-use. From this the family's interests extend to other sustainability issues goes from professional awareness to personal application.

The land is in the high rainfall catchment of the northern Mount Lofty Ranges. The region is characterised by its short summers and temperate winters. The area is known as one of the premier wine growing areas.

The site is on the eastern side of one of the ridgelines formed in geological times by block faulting seismic activity folding the earth’s crust.

The valley is lush fertile ground with a seasonal stream, the hillside eroded and shale.

The land has been developed with dam and vegetation. The house is seated on the lower value hillside.

The landform and views encourage the layout of the main house to face east. The backing ridgeline shelters the house from afternoon sun and westerly winds.

The core house is a pole frame and cypress pine log upper level drawing on Sydney’s Canadian heritage.

The house extends from this with a stone infill undercroft, a northern studio annex which has the roof orientation and pitch for the photovoltaic system, with further work in a wet area pavilion and future lush greenhouse envisaged.

The stone is locally recycled slate from derelict cottages.

The building is energy self sufficient with gas boost. The photovoltaic system includes both gel type batteries and 2kW Selectronic inverter. Water self sufficient from roof water capture through to waste treatment integral to the landscaping vegetation and rock walling. Solar hot water system is integral to the house.

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