Teasdale House

Pelican Lagoon, Kangaroo Island
Steel framed Stone and framed infill


Emilis Prelgauskas - design elements embodies climate responsive design, solar hws, rain water, clerestory in skilion roof, earth berm ventilated pantry & southern external wall, photovoltaic power generation


Teasdale house, Pelican Lagoon, Kangaroo Island
Situated at the narrow neck of the island's eastern end; this property is isolated by other large landholdings and surrounding sea inlet waters surrounding the site and separating it even from the passing main road.
Steel portal frame, insulated steel roof, north skillion, on-ground concrete slab. To deal with the salt sea environment from both adjacent northern high water line, and the proximity of the southern shore across the neck, all steel is epoxy finished, the sheet steel is 'ultra' category with Class 4 fixings.
Programmed with southern limestone walling and earth berm, steel lined framed infill walls, sunken pantry. Rainwater tanks form mass and afternoon heat shade.
The structure draws on the Mundulla house approach with its exoskeleton layout with exposed cross bracing.
Planned photovoltaic power system, solar hot water with gas boost.

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