Doctor's Hill Road, Yankalilla
Timber Framed, Powerpanel clad
completed 2004


Emilis Prelgauskas - design elements embodies climate responsive design, solar hws, rain water, clerestory, ventilated pantry, hybrid photovoltaic and wind turbine grid connect, solar floor heating cycle system,


Timber framed house situated on a farm, on high ground southeast of the town.
Powerpanel (aerated concrete "Hebel") clad insulated walls and insulated steel roof with clerestories, part on-ground concrete slab and part suspended floor on this sloping site.
Clerestories in:

  • bedroom passageway with interior window to bedroom 3,
  • kitchen including exhaust from ventilated pantry.
Pantry has earth tube in ground from air inlet vent in garden.
Utility room has flat ceiling with ceiling space acting as plenum to exhaust kitchen range hood, fridge and utility room freezer to ridge ventilators.
Hybrid wind turbine and photovoltaic power system grid connect.
Planned solar hot water service and separate roof ribbon heating area pumped to in-floor slab heat water tubing.

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