Lady Bay Links townhouses

Townhouse duplex
for Chris Bailey at
St. Andrews Blvd,
construction begins 2005


Emilis Prelgauskas - design elements Building performance is limited by the site's land encumbrance design limits, the building's conventional construction and fitout. Nevertheless, performance is enhanced by the integration of climate responsive design layout, solar hws, limited rain water capture and re-use, vent inflow to pantries, some photovoltaic power grid connected


On 600m2 dense urban allotment on the golf course perimeter, 2 two storey townhouses of concrete lower floor, framed walls/upper floor/roof, generally fibre cement lining and tile roofs with integrated features as detailed below.

The land sits between the road frontage on its southern boundary and the golf course on the northern boundary.
The building design is for semi-detached townhouses which have some features suiting conventional industry construction, and some of the environmental features standard in projects by this practice.

Conventional features include the framed building structure, development caveats requiring tile roofs and prohibiting visible solar system panels. The small allotment size limits stormwater management and excludes wastewater management on-site. These elements limit the performance of the project.
Other sustainability limits are the conventional framed and linings materials and MDF joinery fitout which limit the material and pollution sustainability parameters.

The design however has been able to introduce a list of passive and system features to capture some of the sustainability potential.
Passive features include:

  • north facade is angled thereby increasing the available solar access glass area
  • tile roofs are limited to facades only with an inset centre insulated steel flat roof between where solar systems are seated
  • maximised ceiling, floor and wall insulations in framing voids and AAC panel to north wall
  • recessed shaded north balconies and east/west window areas
  • roof lights to carport entry
  • sheltered courtyards for dining and clothes drying
Low energy systems include:
  • subsidence tower to UnitB
  • off set ceiling fans
Systems integrated include
  • partial roof water collection to front courtyard tanks and use in solar hot water systems gas boosted
  • part electricity use generated by roof mounted PV

The project rates at the upper end of the available FirstRate energy efficiency scale.

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